Stormbringer: Elric of Melnibone

Hello, stranger — and welcome to Imrryr, the city of the Dragon Princes!

Stormbringer: Elric of Melnibone is an RPG/Adventure based on the first novel of Michael Moorcock's Elric saga. It is a story of a man struggling with his fate, a man trying to escape his destiny. It is a story of Elric the Kinslayer, the last emperor of the ancient race of Melnibone. A story of the battles for his love, his empire and his sanity, a story of the many generations of tradition and the destruction of that tradition in a single stroke of a sword... but above everything else, it is a story of the tragedy faced by the albino prince when trying to make meaning out of his own existence.

Developed by Snowball Interactive in conjunction with Master Moorcock, the game was set for release in 2001 on the PC and the next generation consoles but has been frozen due to the lack of publishing partner (see full text here).

You still might be interested in reading a couple of interviews over at The Vault Network (English), GA-RPG (English), GamesWeb (English, German or Russian), VBTT (Russian) and GameLand (Russian) that cover the essential aspects of the project. Also, the following screenshots from our working prototype might give you a hint of how the game might have looked like :).

Stormbringer #1: 224K Stormbringer #2: 224K
Stormbringer #3: 259K Stormbringer #4: 254K

If you are a member of the industry and would like to find more details about the fate of the project, please email Sergei Klimov at Snowball. If you are a member of the press and would like to get on our press mail-lists, please contact Cross DeLena at Snowball.

And, finally, if you would like to share with us your opinion on the project or this small site, please drop us a few lines to -- we would very much appreciate any constructive feedback on this project, even though it's currently on deep ice.

Stormbringer desktop wallpaper: 413K

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