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Tchoup the Detective

Tchoup used to be a nimble, able-bodied kid who enjoyed exploring the world around him, always searching for creative ways to combine rattles and his own mother, cucumbers and hairdressers or three-legged stools and streetlights. The latter experiment brought him to the police station where our inquisitive child was confronted with a magnifying glass. This awe-inspiring experience left him speechless for months. Eventually he decided to make investigation his career of choice. Tchoup is an active member of the Historic Preservation Society and is never seen without the traditional goblin folk costume, although some people say he wears it to hide a sprouting bald spot underneath the obligatory red cap.

Perluis the Magic User

Originally Perluis wanted to enroll in the Royal Guard but was turned down because of his silly name and an equally silly smile. This fiasco did nothing to dampen his enthusiasm, however; Perluis dedicated himself to science and entered the Royal Antiquities Society instead. He is responsible for the discovery and excavation of several ancient goblin settlements and is the author of a theory according to which all modern races are, in fact, descendants of the goblins of old. He is always happy to help his good friends at the detective agency.

Stucco the Strongman

Stucco is often called Baby Stoo-stoo by his dear old grandmother (who just happens to be a caber toss champion), but please bear in mind that Stucco doesn't really like being called that by random people. His previous employers include a circus, a brothel and the Royal Navy, but the habit of eating much and working little always cost him his place. Stucco has a lovely and consistent personality: he enjoys tomatoes, dislikes jelly and loves exercise. Why, you ask? Because of his lovely and consistent personality, of course!

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