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"Verdict: As charming as it is bizarre, Gobliiins 4 is a quality throwback to the beloved twisted humor and weird puzzles of the original games, and one of the most likable titles this year." 4 out of 5 — Adventure Gamers

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"I became especially enamoured with Gobliiins 4 during my time with it. Every solution I reached was an achievement, every password I gained was a cause for celebration. The cute, simplistic narrative was expertly weaved to hold together the fiendish and enjoyable puzzle action without encroaching on the focus; to tax your brain." 4.5 out of 5 — D+PAD

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"...poses a solid, structured set of challenging puzzles that are light enough as to not timelessly absorb the player, but engaging enough to keep you coming back." 7 out of 10 — Boomtown

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Gobliiins 4
Developer: Société Pollene
Publisher: Snowberry Connection
Genre: adventure / quest
Designer: Pierre Gihodes


Pierre Gilhodes, one of the creators of the original Goblins series of quests, kept silence for more than 10 years - drawing comic books, and also drawing a conclusion that the world has forgotten how to make funny and clever quests.

In 2006, Pierre lost his patience and decided to return Goblins into the world of computer games. He teamed up with a small studio from south of France, Société Pollene, and with an independent production fund from Moscow, Snowberry Connection, to work on Gobliiins 4.

In this forth chapter, the game returns to where it all began: the main characters are the three goblins, each a unique personality with his own set of skills. Tchoup can pick items and keep them in his pockets, and he's a detective. His friend Stucco is not as good at the deductive reasoning (to be honest, he's not good at all!) — but he is strong enough to do lifting and climbing. The third goblin, Perluis, is the one with the magic powers and a dark sense of humor.


The games mix elements of adventure and puzzle gaming. In essence, the player must find the solution to each level, in order to progress to the next. An original aspect of the series is that the player usually controls multiple goblins as player characters, each of whom has a unique set of abilities (the number of letter it's in the word «Goblin» of the title indicates the number of characters that the player may control). The player may only control one character at a time but, depending on the specific scene, may switch characters at will.


Gobliiins 4 is developed by Société Pollene (France), designed Pierre Gilhodes and produced by Snowberry Connection (Russia). It is a rare case of Russo-French co-production which puts Napoleon's ambition to shame, look at the wonders these nations can do when they work together!

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